In 1200-1400 words, synthesize the following two sources and a third source in support of a causal argument.

Assignment Question

In 1200-1400 words, synthesize the following two sources and a third source in support of a causal argument.

Sources 1. NPR podcast “Dialogue and Exchange” 2. “Portraits of Reconciliation” NY Times Magazine Portraits of Reconcilation.docx Portraits of Reconcilation.pdf 3. one credible source that you find on your own. Your causal analysis can be formatted as a causal chain (X causes Y which causes Z). One might argue a causal connection between one event leading to multiple effects (X causes A and B and C). Several causes might lead to an effect (A and B and C lead to X). Causal arguments can speculate/infer about the future. When one researches a topic, one gathers material and engages with it. Themes will naturally arise out of material. Claims can be made about the content. Your causal argument should be made based on this interpretation of the two sources and a third source that deals with similar content. Research is not cherry-picking quotes to align with a predisposition or a topic that neither of the provided sources deal with.

Requirements: MLA format Title the essay. Your intro paragraph(s) shall contextualize your issue and summarize background information before making your central claim. Your thesis will be your causal argument.

Body paragraphs shall have evidence in support of your thesis. Evidence builds logos. Quote sandwich: claim, quote, unpack quote Use attributive tags to build ethos. (Dr. X from Y University Research states …) Use relationship terms to synthesize source materials. (Similarly, contrary to, however, etc.) A refutation is required. Do not use the first person. (Sticking with an objective point of view adheres to the values of an academic audience thereby building pathos.) Do not use the following words: always, nowadays, never, all, very, really, kind of. Your conclusion shall be a paragraph that includes the reaffirmation of your thesis and the greater implications at stake. Include a Works Cited page.

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