Do Parents Matter?”

Most of us have been raised to believe that our parents play one of the most important roles in our lives. Traditionally, developmental psychologists (e.g., Freud, Erikson) have placed a great deal of emphasis on the impact of parents. But what if parents are not as important as previously thought?
More recent theory and research has challenged the assumption that parents are not as important as previously thought by suggesting that individual biologically based characteristics (e.g., temperament) and forces outside the family (e.g., peers) are also important in shaping development. How does this new information challenge your previously held beliefs? What do you think of the relative impact of nature and nurture on development?
In this Assignment, you will analyze the relative impact of parents and other factors on development.
To prepare:
Consider the arguments of Harris in Gladwell’s blog post, “Do Parents Matter?” and the experiences of the two women in the podcast, Switched at Birth.
Consider the aspects of nature (e.g., temperament) and nurture (e.g., attachment) covered in the course and in this week’s Required Readings and media. Select two developmental concepts related to nature and two related to nurture for this assignment.
The Assignment (3-4 pages):
Write a paper that addresses the following:
Select two aspects of nature (e.g., temperament) and two aspects of nurture (e.g., attachment) that you have determined to be most influential on development. Define each of the aspects you selected, and then explain why you think they are most influential.
Describe the research in the area of each aspect you selected.
Summarize your ideas on the relative impact of nature and nurture on development. Be sure your response incorporates and responds to the issues and concepts raised in the learning resources.
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