Explain ways in which Communication is a Primary Indicator of the Bahamian Culture


Read Chapter 8: Adapting Communication to Cultures and Social Communities in your textbook Communication Mosaics: An Introduction to the Field of Communication by Julia T. Wood. Answer the following questions in a reading response paper of 1,000 words. Your paper must be structured and have an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion with a Cover Sheet and Bibliographic or Reference Page.

1. Wood explains that people learn their culture through the process of communication. Explain ways in which Communication is a Primary Indicator of the Bahamian Culture. In your explanation describe a collectivist and an individualistic culture and indicate what type you would designate to the Bahamian culture.

2. Wood defines Ethnocentrism as “the tendency to regard ourselves and our way of life as normal and superior to other people and other ways of life.” Identify an ethnic group currently residing in The Bahamas. Explain ways in which you, or other Bahamians that you have observed, demonstrate Ethnocentric Bias towards that group of persons.

3. Wood states that “…Adapting to cultural diversity is a gradual process that takes time, experience with a variety of people, and a genuine desire to know and appreciate cultural differences.” How would you describe your response to diverse groups within the dominant Bahamian culture? Use the ways suggested in the text (RESISTANCE, TOLERANCE, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT, PARTICIPATION) to explain the ways that you respond to diverse cultural groups within the Bahamas.

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