Role of a health manager in promoting the delivery of health services

Whether in a skilled nursing facility, a private medical
practice, a hospital, or a health care company, a health care manager plays an
essential role. Health care managers deal with the business side of medicine,
providing the support their employers need in order to deliver the best health
care available.
Health care administrators are entrusted with numerous
major responsibilities which often include; recognizing the trends and
challenges in health care delivery, managing human resources, identifying and
resolving staffing issues, and motivating employees and managing issues of
This Assessment has two parts (Part 1 and Part 2) which
must be completed:
Part 1
Write an 850-word report that evaluates the role of a
health manager in promoting the delivery of health services in one of the
following health care settings:
· Nursing
home or skilled nursing facility,
· Outpatient
facility, such as a physician’s office or urgent care clinic,
· Hospital
department (i.e. laboratory, radiology department, surgery department,
emergency department, etc.).
From the perspective of a health manager, the following
must be included in the report:
· Identify
a health care setting from the list provided
· Describe
the role the health care manager may have in managing human resources in the chosen
healthcare setting and include:
Hiring and termination responsibilities of
the healthcare manager
Staffing and organizational strategies the
healthcare manager might use to achieve better outcomes
The health care managers’ role in staff
Tactics a healthcare manager might use to increase
employee engagement and increase motivation
· Describe
at least one method to manage conflict in the workplace
Hint – Conflict resolution is a necessary
task for the health care manager. Conflicts may exist between staff, between
physicians and staff, between the staff and the patient or patient’s family.
The conflicts may range from disagreements to major controversies that may lead
to lawsuits or violence. Conflicts have an adverse effect on productivity,
morale, and patient care. They may result in high employee turnover, decrease
staff involvement, and affect productivity
Format the document per APA guidelines. Include at least
three scholarly references and in-text citations.
Part 2
Using the provided template complete each section of the
chart for the health setting you selected in Part 1. An example is supplied
to give an idea of the expectations, do not include the provided example as
part of the completed chart assignment.

Trend in Healthcare

List Three Examples
for each Trend

Describe Briefly One
of the Examples for each Trend


Ø End-of-life issues

End-of-life issues
will increase in importance as the population ages. The decision-making
process, as well as the financing that pays for end-of-life care will need to
be addressed. Issues needing focus may include autonomous decision making,
importance of advance directives, and restricting care in futile treatments.





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