Discuss the Relationship between the police and its community.

he midterm paper (4 pages minimum, follow APA style) should summarize and analyze the concepts we’ve been covering in class and apply them to a real-life issue of your choice. In your paper, be sure to include your research question and address the following questions:
What is the social issue you are concerned with? What do you want to know about your topic? (Include one (1) reference.) How do you understand this issue and what are the cultural influences shaping your understanding of the issue?
What research has been done on this issue? What methods have been utilized? What hypotheses and/or theories have been developed? Do you consider the research to be robust? Is it valid? Reliable? Describe the strengths and limitations of the research that has been conducted. (Include references.)
How has media presented and/or influenced the issue? (Include references.)
How is the issue impacted by the various dimensions of inequality (race, gender, class, sexuality, sexual identity, ability, age, etc.)? (Include references.)
Describe the issue you are concerned with highlighting a perspective of one of the sociologists introduced in Chapter 1 of the textbook. (Include references.)

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