To what extent was the Civil Rights Movement an international phenomenon?

Complete a written response to this week’s reading
guide questions. Your response must be a minimum of 750 words (12 point font,
double spaced) and cite specific pieces of evidence in order to receive credit.

Chicago Manual Style footnotes or endnotes.
We use Chicago Style for all citations. You
MUST cite your quotations. The standard shortcut for creating a footnote on
Windows is ctrl + alt + f. For more on how to correctly cite, check here.

Reading Questions:
—To what extent was the Civil Rights Movement an international
—What were some of the aims of NOW? What did it identify as some of
the principal problems in regards to women’s position in U.S. society?
—Why did Fannie Lou Hamer seek for the delegates of Mississippi
Freedom Democratic Party to be seated at the 1964 Democratic National

You may ONLY cite from below readings with specific
pages mentioned. You cannot cite outside material.


Race Woman: The Lives of Shirley Graham
Du Bois, Chapter 8-9: Page 173-216

The American Yawp: Chapter 27:

The American Yawp Primary Source
Documents :
National Organization for Women, “Statement
of Purpose” (1966):
Fannie Lou Hamer: Testimony at the
Democratic National Convention 1964:

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