Phygital approach to digital transformation

for now I need a concept paper of about 4 to 5 pages around phygital approach to digital transformation

the paper I need is a concept paper to explain the choice of my topics for a DBA (doctorate in business administration)

below is the structure required by my university:
Concept Paper
● What is it:
○ Short summary of minimum 3-7 pages (no real maximum) which provides
high-level ideas of what the student would like to research
○ The concept paper aim is to capture the thoughts and ideas and
present the intended research direction
○ Mentor should check the feasibility of the project (is it realistic?
Achievable?), provide high level feedback on the topic itself and
eventually briefly discuss with the student the topic itself
○ Concept paper IS NOT meant to be advanced academic paper nor research
proposal but rather a first structured discussion between the mentor
and the student

the bullet points are the instructions needed for the test and the files attached are samples shared from my mentor

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