Employee Handbook and the kind of corporate culture the Handbook encourages.

Consulting Report
Review yours or another organization’s Employee Handbook to
determine the kind of corporate culture the Handbook
How would you describe this culture? In light of what you have been reading in Human Resource Development. How
does the current Employee Handbook support or conflict with
those findings?
Write up a “Consulting Report” summarizing your assessment of the current Employee Handbook noting how it
supports or departs from the best practices you have gleaned
from your readings. Offer a series of actionable recommendations to the CEO for improving the Handbook describing how these
changes would positively impact the corporate culture, employee performance and “bottom line” of the organization in terms of its
goals and objectives. The focus should be on showing your
understanding of Human Resource policies and practices and their impact on corporate culture as well as employee performance and satisfaction.

Make sure the required reading is listed as one of the references…

Carbery, Ronan, & Cross, Christine (2015) Human resource
development: A concise introduction.

Rothwell, W. (2015) Effective Succession Planning: Ensuring
Leadership Continuity and Building Talent
from Within.

Witherington, Ben III (2011) Work – A Kingdom Perspective.

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