How the theme of family changes from scene to scene in Streetcar Named Desire

Write a paper about one of the plays we read in
class. You may bring up numerous elements of the play, but remember it should
all work toward one larger argument (your thesis
statement). Assume your reader has seen or read the play, so you do not need to
give a summary of the content. Instead, you are analyzing the play to clarify
the meaning or add an additional layer of interpretation. Analysis goes deeper
than surface level responses (“This was great!” “This was confusing!”) to look
at how the playwright accomplishes the effect of the play.
You could explore how the theme of family changes
from scene to scene in Streetcar Named Desire. You could explain
how gender expectations of the time inform the various characters in The
Stronger. Avoid topics we have covered extensively in class so that you
can show me your own analytical skills; however, if you feel you have something
new to add to the conversation, you may cover a topic we have partially
In addition to your primary source, you must also
directly cite at least one scholarly article to support your argument. The
scholarly article may be about the play/film you are discussing, or it could be
on the topic you are discussing. For instance, if you were writing about trauma
in Streetcar, you could use a scholarly article that does not
mention the play at all, as long as it covers trauma.
Your paper should be double-spaced with 12-point
font and 1-inch margins, and it should be between 900 and 1,400 words. Have an
introduction and conclusion as you would in any other essay. Include a works
cited page with an MLA entry for your play/film and whatever outside sources
you cite in your paper.

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