Research Paper – Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Congratulations! You have been selected as the new director of an airport of your choice, and you will complete a research paper on this airport. Throughout the course, you will be given writing assignments related to this paper. Your research paper will show your analysis on those assignments and will conclude with how your airport is meeting the needs of their community.

Outlined below is the Airport Research Paper template:

Cover Page – Include the course name, airport name, date, and your name.
Introduction – Brief summary of your airport (no more than one page)
Section 1 – Airport’s history, ownership, management staff, budget, and financial status
Section 2 – Airside operations including airfield information (runways, taxiways, ATC facilities, FBOs, cargo operations, noise abatement, etc.)
Section 3 – Terminal operations (terminal types, airlines [names, non-stop destinations], traffic counts, concessions, international operations, etc.).
Section 4 – Landside operations (roadways, parking facilities [on and off airport], ground transportation [taxis, door-to-door shuttles, limos, buses, trains], APM, etc.).
Section 5 – The economic, political, and social roles your airport plays in the community
Section 6 – Capacity status, current and future O&M, and capital improvement construction projects
Section 7 – Conclusion that includes your opinion regarding how your airport is running and if it is meeting the demands of the local community. Also, address future issues concerning your airport and its management.
References – Self-explanatory. Include all sources, including personal interviews, footnotes, research titles, pictures, and diagrams

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