Electric Cars

Research paper requirements:
Title Page
8 page paper* **, double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins
Correctly cited in-text using APA 7th Edition
Reference page (DOES NOT COUNTS AS A INFORMATION PAGE) using 7th edition APA format
Appendix ( DOES NOT COUNT AS A INFORTMATION PAGE) for any relevant graphs or figures (if applicable)
Pages do NOT include your title page, reference page(s), or appendix.
* 8 FULL PAGES ( no white space )
This isn’t an informative paper as much as it is a argumentative research paper. Make sure you can take a stance on this topic. Ideas about this topic could be are electric vehicles really more fuel efficient than gas or diesel engines, the disposal of electric car batteries, which EV has the longest charge and why (chemically)

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