Identify a criminal offense that is currently pending or has been resolved.

A. Identify a criminal offense that is currently pending or has been resolved.
It must be pending (or recently resolved) in a court somewhere in the United States of America.
Provide a copy of the report of the matter, i.e. a copy of the newspaper article, magazine article, posting on U-Tube, CNN TV news program.
Include the date of the article/program/posting. You will need to find multiple references in order to adequately respond. Identify and/or
copy each source.
b. Identify the name of the defendant.
c. Identify the criminal charge against the defendant.
d. Identify where the case is being prosecuted.
B. Copy the criminal statute under which the defendant is charged. Include the name of the state or indicate if the case is pending in federal court.
C. What is the mens rea required for that offense?
D. What is the actus reus required for that offense?
E. What is the possible punishment or punishment range for the offense charged?
F. What possible defenses could the defendant logically and reasonably raise in defense of his prosecution? There may be more than one.
G. How should this case be resolved or if already resolved was the resolution a good or correct resolution? Include a discussion of how this resolution fits into your view of the goals of Criminal Justice. Explain your reasoning. (This is your opinion)

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