How would the individuals involved in the trend react to such a change?

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Paper 4: Analysis of a Trend

In your third and final paper assignment, you will research and analyze any one of the trends listed below.

the increasing demand for alternative energy
the alarming increase of internet crimes
the high incidence of early-onset type 2 diabetes

Paper 4 requires the application of a number of skills, such as synthesis, analysis, comparison-contrast, evaluation of diverse points of view, research to locate sources, and competent use of those sources. Since you have practiced these skills in several papers by now, you have prepared well to write this paper.

Observe the following procedure in writing your paper.

The first part of the body of your essay should establish that the trend exists and deserves analysis. Use sources to support the contention that the trend is an important area of study. As you do so, you may use examples of specific cases, remarks of experts, and opinions of the general public. A useful strategy is to ask pertinent questions, for example, when the trend began and how it began. When you try to answer those questions, you will notice that your job is easier than you thought.

In the second part of the body of your paper, offer an overview of the possible causes of the trend, drawing on pertinent information from sources. As you do so, compare and contrast the views of various authors, weighing their evidence and reasoning. This evaluation should also demonstrate your ability to assess various aspects of the issue, supported by your own reasoning and evidence and demonstrated by your own attempt to find the likeliest causes of the trend.

In the third part, suggest consequences of the trend and its long-term impact on those the trend affects. Here you may consider the following questions: Is the trend strengthening or diminishing? What would be the consequences of either phenomenon? How would the individuals involved in the trend react to such a change? Use the same skills when you synthesized the causes of the trend, using sources, when necessary, to support your ideas.

Incorporate all of above into the structure of an essay, and do note that the organization suggested above is just an outline—do not divide your essay into visible parts. Provide a strong introduction that intrigues your reader to read more; include a thesis statement that suggests your position on the trend; write several body paragraphs that are developed and unified and have smooth transition between them; and end the essay with a fitting conclusion.

Consult RW and Handbook for ideas on developing your introduction and conclusion. The Handbook has a chapter on improving paragraphing skills. Read it.

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