Food bank usage and food in/security are connected to structural patterns of social, economic, and political disparities. Explain how and why these problems are escalating in Toronto.

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In the first paragraph of your paper, you must clearly indicate which topic you have selected. It is not acceptable to address a combination of topics in your paper.
• Your research topic must be more narrowly focused with a specific argument or position based on one of these topics.
• In order to receive a good grade on research paper, your analysis must examine structural/macro level issues (and not the experiences of specific individuals) in Toronto.
• Your paper must include specific examples based on Toronto neighbourhoods, Toronto events, and/or government policies to support your argument or position. Examples should not be derived from your own personal observations. Instead, examples should originate from books, journals or media report and all examples, must be properly cited using APA style. Interviewing people is NOT an acceptable source. The discussion of examples should not be the main focus of your paper. It is important to consider relevant theories and to provide scholarly evidence for your argument or position.

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