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Explain How Social Media Has Changed Photography/ANFor the proposal, I expect a 500 word description of what you plan on doing as well as a preliminary bibliography. This week I want you to think about what you would like to do for your final paper or project. The requirements are deliberately open-ended so that you can pursue your own interests. I would encourage you to pick an article, artwork, or idea that stuck with you and build your paper or project around that. I expect that your paper or project will substantially engage with course content. This means that you will cite a minimum of six articles from the course. I encourage you to do outside research, but please be mindful of your sources (peer-reviewed sources are best; please exercise media literacy and criticality when engaging with other sources). For papers: I expect a thesis statement and description of your overall argument. If you are unclear on academic expectations, please refer to this resource: https://owl.purdue.edu/ For your final paper, I want you analyze one central problem in photography, post-photography, or the turn to the digital. Your paper should be 12-15 pages, 12pt Times font, double-spaced. Please use a standard citation format and be consistent (ie. MLA, APA, or Chicago).

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