Finance Project

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Buying a car is not easy. Decisions go far beyond the color and how many doors it has. Prices can change
drastically by the number of features added to the vehicle or by whether it is new or used.

Research a new automobile of your choice and write a report that includes:
a) A description of the auto and why you chose it. Cite where obtained information.
b) A table listing all the specifications of the auto as well as the price.
c) Two options for financing detailing terms and conditions.
d) Formatted amortization schedules for each financing option using Excel
e) Two comparable vehicles (new or used) listing where sold and price
f) A summary of the “Best Choice” for you and why?
g) A financial plan with supporting mathematical calculations for saving money instead of
borrowing it.

***An Example of this project from another student that the instructor added would be linked in the files. ***

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