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Discussion Forum: Personality Type, Leadership Style and Transformational Leadership
After completing the personality type assessment, reflect on the following questions and respond in the Discussion. In the title of your original post ( My personality type test report attached).
n the discussion forum post, comment on another student’s personality type and leadership style that is different from yours and how might you use this different type & style of a student colleague/staff member to lead through a change situation/project successfully?
This is post of another student i picked:
According to the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test (n.d.), my personality type is ISFJ: Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. In general, this personality type is characterized by a drive to help others because they like to feel needed. Some terms commonly used to describe ISFJ types include patient, supportive, sympathetic, analytic, and reliable; they are known for having good work ethics. Because of their introverted nature, they tend to prefer working in smaller groups or one-on-one (Humanmetrics Inc., n.d.).

Of the six Goleman leadership styles, the one I most identify with is democratic (participative) leadership. The democratic style leader prioritizes collaboration among the team and allows everyone to have a voice (Personio, n.d.).

One of the features of an ISFJ personality type that is suited to a democratic leadership style is that ISFJs try to have a consensus among members in the group when making decisions (Humanmetrics Inc., n.d.). In this way, both ISFJs and democratic leaders place an emphasis on collaboration among the team. I demonstrated this in my own workplace while spearheading a quality improvement project on my unit. When planning the details of how I would implement the project, I created a survey to gather responses from my colleagues and allow them an opportunity to share their opinions in order to ensure that my project would ultimately be beneficial to and well received by the staff on my unit. This example demonstrates how the ISFJ trait of wanting to help others can be combined with the democratic leadership trait of allowing all team members to have a voice.

Two of the features of the ISFJ personality type that can be challenging in a situation requiring leadership is that ISFJs tend to be nonconfrontational and like to do things themselves rather than delegate tasks to other people (Humanmetrics Inc., n.d.). This can cause the ISFJ person to easily feel burnt out and overworked. As an example, during one shift while I was the assigned charge nurse, all of my nurses were maxed out on safe nurse-to-patient ratios. During that shift, I kept all further admitted patients myself rather than give another nurse an unsafe patient workload because of my desire to help my team in any way I can and to avoid the confrontation that comes with giving a nurse an unsafe assignment. However, as a result, I ended up having an unsafe patient workload myself while also being in charge. Fortunately, all of the patients within my care were extremely stable, but this could have resulted in an unsafe situation if one or more of my patients became unstable or if an emergency occurred on the unit that required my full attention. While the intention of my decision was good, the outcome had the potential to be problematic for both myself and the unit.

Humanmetrics Inc. (n.d.). ISFJ: Introverted sensing feeling judging.

Personio. (n.d.). The 6 Goleman leadership styles: Which is yours?.

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