Individuals as an investor in times of crisis

1. Saturated markets- The markets of the West are highly saturated in terms of the job market and financial opportunities .- Like the pirates of the past, young professionals of today, must focus on finding new opportunities in an agile way. That includes going for the emerging markets, specializing in new technologies, finding the overlooked business chances in highly profitable niche markets, and acquiring crucial skills in business development and the sale of ideas.2. Taxation issue- Around 130 countries of the world agreed on the global minimum corporate tax of 15 percent . The citizens of western countries are already overtaxed , with Canada and countries of Western Europe as champions of taxation. One out of 5 US expats is considering renouncing US citizenship because of taxation .3. Cancel culture and family safety issues- The rise of cancel culture in the workplace threatens the job security for most professionals in the western countries4. Investment analysis and forecasting as part of the individual development strategy- Using the methods of fundamental investment analysis can help us rationalize our life choices when it comes to employment life choices. Factors such as business model, competitive advantage, management style, and corporate governance of the particular market and industry we want to participate in, will provide us with valuable insights on the fair market value of our personal investments in terms of time and life choices. Forecasting techniques can provide clues about the future demand for our professional services .5. Scenario planning and personal life choices- Global events like COVID 19, inflation, or food crisis can impact our life choices a lot, yet those are very hard to predict. Scenario planning can help us visualize potential risks and opportunities, so we can act in a proactive way versus simply reacting to events .“For businesses, scenario planning enables decision-makers to identify ranges of potential outcomes and estimated impacts, evaluate responses and manage for both positive and negative possibilities. From projecting financial earnings and estimating cash flow to developing mitigating actions, scenario planning is more than just a financial planning tool — it’s an integrated approach to dealing with uncertainty. ”6. Building the right skills for the jobs of the futureTo acquire the “Jobs of tomorrow” , a person must build the right skills in areas of that will create the biggest value add in the future .7. Riding on global trends of tomorrow- We become successful by embracing the agile culture , learning how to deal with ambiguity , getting out of our comfort zone, and acting swiftly according to the latest future trends.1.–heres-how-to-prepare/?sh=1e6fced530155. World Economic Forum “Future of Jobs 2020” page 3012. World Economic Forum “Future of Jobs 2020” page 3513. World Economic Forum “Future of Jobs 2020” page 3914.

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