Differentiated Instruction Discussion

Assignment Directions:

View the video “What is Differentiated Instruction” by Carol Tomlinson.
Research various definitions of Differentiated Instruction.
Select 2 different definitions of differentiated instruction for comparative analysis.
Use the following resources to conduct your research:
Education Library Guide located in the Getting Started Module
Other internet resources with appropriate educational content
Create a numbered discussion that includes the discussion components below and responses to each item.
Follow the Discussion Rubric.
Post the information in #5 above to the Canvas discussion forum.
Reply to two other students.
Discussion Components:

List 3-5 key ideas from the Tomlinson video
Provide both differentiated instruction definitions along with the sources used
List 2 common elements found in both definitions and discuss how the definitions are similar
Explain how the definitions are different
Answer the following question.
Based on the video and the above analysis, what would you say differentiated instruction involves?
Answer the following question.
How do you think differentiated instruction can benefit diverse students?

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