Innovative Health Technologies

Research Paper: Innovative Health Technologies
Students will prepare a scholarly research report (1,500–1,750 words) and a brief presentation (10
minutes) that explains and evaluates a new or innovative field of technology in health care. It should
include an overview of the current state, an analysis of potential benefits and challenges, and an
evaluation of how it might impact advanced practice nursing or health care administration in the future.
Examples might include robotics, blockchain, genomics, big data, 3-D printing, virtual reality, wearable
technology, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, remote monitoring, etc. An optional draft essay for
instructor feedback can be submitted if the student chooses. The research papers are due before the
start of Week 15 live session. Presentations will be delivered during Week 14 and 15 livesession.

The Innovative Health Technologies Research Paper will be scored based on the following rubric:
Innovative Health Technologies Research Paper Rubric
Descriiption Points
Content Coverage is comprehensive, unbiased, and well researched. (10)
Topic is clearly described and introduced, including background, current
state, and potential future. (10)
Clear analysis of potential benefits and drawbacks. (10)
Evaluation of potential impact on advanced nursing practice or
administration. (20)
Clarity Presentation is clear, well organized, and succinct. 25
Specific examples are appropriate and contribute to topic development.
Key points and conclusions are clearly stated and well developed.
Paper flows smoothly with logical paragraph transitions and progression of
Mechanics Writing is scholarly, clear, and error free in terms of grammar, spelling, and
APA format used throughout, including layout and citations.
At least three primary sources (not including textbook) used appropriately
and cited correctly.
Length is within limits (not under or over).