Health Care Policy Brief: Eliminating Colorism and Ethnic Inequality in Health Care Access

This is a Health Policy Brief please use 10-11 font and single spacing on 1 page should be plenty. If the Policy Brief is 2 pages please use double spacing and larger font. The brief should be readable for non-healthcare workers
such as policymakers at an institution such as the CEO, office manager, or an elected official at the local state or federal level. General policy brief components should include an Aim that is clear and engaging
regarding the title of the Policy Brief

Next, it should contain Conclusions- unlike a traditional paper the policy brief conclusion should be front and
center. This section contains the proposed policy. This is a policy brief not an attempt to write the policy itself.
Instead, focus on communicating exactly what you’d like from the stakeholder
What is the specific policy “ask”? such as an institutional policy to address Eliminating Colorism and Ethnic
Inequality in Health Care access.

Then state the problem and provide background rationale- this section should provide a robust rationale for the
policy. it should describe the problem and why a policy revision is necessary. Why is this problem important, what
is the scope and magnitude of the problem? What would the impact be of a policy that Eliminates Inequality in
Healthcare access?
Create a sense of urgency
This section should contain most of the thoughts and must have credible references and be rigorously cited.
Almost every point/ statement should have a citation for evidence. Please use references that are no more than 5 years old.

A busy stakeholder should be able to skim your policy brief and ascertain within 30-60 seconds what your topic is and what the proposed policy is.

Imagine if you are a busy stakeholder reading the policy brief what would make you trust what the
Advanced Practice Nurse is telling you. Frequent references not more than 5 years old to credible sources and what’s wrong with the way things are now? What impact could the policy have if it were instituted?
The tone of the brief should be informational with a sense of urgency. No need for persuasive language.
Painting a picture of the problem and offering a timely solution should be adequate.

Feel free to be creative and use colorful graphs if you have stats and banners to make it eye-catching.
Please Please follow the instructions The section of the policy brief are AIM, Background /Problem and
Implementation. The policy brief should be 1 page single-spaced and Thoroughly referenced with references that are no more than 5 years old.

Thank you