Discussion: Advocating for Social Change and Impacting Legislative Action

Review the Learning Resources and search the ACA websites (Including the ACA branches site) to research current legislative concerns in the counseling profession and identify relevant, current initiatives concerning a setting/population you are interested in.
Review the Optional Resources and select a digital tool to create your Social Change informational product (brochure, flyer, PowerPoint, wiki, blog, etc.).
Conduct a brief web search for information regarding best practices and “how to” tips for developing and maximizing the effectiveness of your product and letter. Review the web article “Tips for Writing Effective Letters to Congress” in the Learning Resources for more recommendations on writing your e-mail or letter.
Based on the issue you chose, determine whom to contact: your federal, state, or local elected official and compose an email or letter to the chosen elected official about the legislative concern.
Keep the email or letter succinct (no more than 3 paragraphs).
Your letter should clearly state WHAT you are advocating for and include the following: (1). A descriiption of the scope of problem, issue, or event; (2). An explanation of why you chose the issue you selected and why change is needed; and (3). A list of action steps and/or proposed solutions.
Cite at least two scholarly articles in the letter and include your informational product to support your position.