What are parts of Shamanism?

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What are parts of Shamanism? out of body experience lucid dreaming shamanic ecstasy QUESTION 2 What is paganism? an Abrahamic religion A Roman religion A country dweller QUESTION 3 What is Pantheism? God is all there is no God The belief in faith QUESTION 4 What do Islam, Christianity and Judaism all have in common? They trace their roots to Europ;e They are all Abrahamic They trace their roots to Jesus QUESTION 5 What civilization gave rise to the first libraries that included the Abrahamic stories? Susiana Sumerians Siberians Israelites QUESTION 6 The ____ gave us the rule of six, this was a natural phenomenon that was used for ____. Susiana, trade Sumerians, trade and time Siberians, management Israelites, sailing QUESTION 7 Christianity encompasses the following groups: Zionists, Hasidim, Kabbalah Sunni and Shiite Caholics, Mormons and Greek Orthodox Buddhism and Hinduism QUESTION 8 Kabbalah is: Orthodox Judaism Mystical Judaism Hasidic Judaism Reformed Judaism QUESTION 9 The key difference between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims is: One group believes in the pillars of Islam and one does not One group believes Mohammed was a prophet and ones does not The groups disagree on who should lead the religioln all of these QUESTION 10 New Satanism includes: Devil worship Believing one is one’s own god Worship of god all of these QUESTION 11 Mormons Believe in evangelism Do not try to convert people Do not believe in heaven and hell all of these QUESTION 12 Lutheranism: is a Protestant religion Was founded by martin Luther Does not believe in using intersessors all of these QUESTION 13 Pre-Christian Greek and Roman belief systems are Polytheistic Devotional religions Include personal and direct relationship with Gods All of these QUESTION 14 Wicca is: Devotional evangelical Duotheistic and Ritualistic none of these QUESTION 15 Gnosticism means: Having knowledge Ignorance QUESTION 16 What are the tenets of the Baha’i faith? Peace, justice an unity Universal language and currency eradication of all bigotry all of these QUESTION 17 Who founded the Baha’i faith? Zion Zoroaster Baha’u’llah Mohammed QUESTION 18 Buddhism was founded by: Siddhartha Zoroaster Mohammed Baha’u’llah QUESTION 19 Buddhists believe in___. The old testament polytheism Zoroastrianism none of these 5 points QUESTION 20 Scientologists believe in: Extraterrestrials self-auditing purchasing religious information

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