What is the difference between gender and sex respectively?

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QUESTION 1 Gender is defined as: masculine or feminine male or female sexual preference XX or XY QUESTION 2 What is the difference between gender and sex respectively? biology and learned ideas learned ideas and biology sexual preferences XX and XY QUESTION 3 Who studied gender roles and when did they study? Margaret Mead in the 1930s Ruth Benedict in the 1960s Ed Bendix in the 1970s Napoleon Chagnon in the 1990s QUESTION 4 Which of the following are alternative genders? Hijra Berdache Ibo woman woman marriages all of these QUESTION 5 Hijras are considered a third gender in India, this means they have the job as healer they marry other hijras in order to have a certain job in thier society they are not considered masculine or feminine but a third option with a specific role in society all of these QUESTION 6 Berdache are: the embodiment of both masculine and feminine traits and have the job as healer they marry other berdache in order to get the specific job the want in their society intersexed they are neither masculine or feminine and have a religious role in their society QUESTION 7 critical thinking question: I want you to overthink this one: Ibo woman-woman marriages are seen as : an alternative to a male centered society a way to be openly homosexual – even if the women say this has NOTHING to do with sex but instead about the role they want in their society brings some equality into the society all of these QUESTION 8 Constructing masculinity in southern Spain comprises: having as much sex as possible becoming weekend warriors restraint of the sexual advances of women all of these QUESTION 9 Constructing masculinity on the island of Truk comprises having as much sex as possible becoming weekend warriors restraint from the sexual advances of women all of these QUESTION 10 What is 5-alpha reductase? When an XY male is born looking female when the body cannot process testosterone properly are colloquially called “huevos a doce” in some cultures all of these QUESTION 11 AIS and CAH are both categorized by : a problem with the body’s ability to make and process androgenizing hormones alternative gender identities extra chromosomes none of these QUESTION 12 Klinefelter’s syndrome is: When the body’s chromosomes alternate between XX and XY When an XY male inherits an extra X chromosome Hermaphrodism none of these QUESTION 13 Hypospadias is: learned and therefore gender based an alternative sexual practice When the urethral opening is under the glans of the penis all of these QUESTION 14 Mosaicism is: true hermaphrodism caused by the body’s cells to alternate between XX and XY characterized by ovo-testes all of these QUESTION 15 progestin induced virilization is: caused when an XX person is born looking, feeling and acting like an XY male caused by an extra chromosome caused by the adrenal glands to hyperproduce androgens all of these QUESTION 16 swyer syndrome is found in: people with ovo-testes people born without adrenal glands people born without functioning gonads all of these QUESTION 17 Turner’s syndrome is characterized by: XY males born with an extra chromosome XX females born looking acting and feeling like XY males ovo-testes XO females who can exhibit short statue, broad chests , neck webbing among other symptoms QUESTION 18 According to the data: Children are born XX or XY there is no variation sex is a continuum and variation is the norm in biology intersexuality is a choice none of these QUESTION 19 trans-sexuality is caused by: when the brain does not match the body because male and female brain structures are different and they developed along separate lines classified as a gender disorder by American doctors all of these QUESTION 20 According to the “middle sexes” video: American doctors treat intersexed children early and quickly because: They believe it is the best course of action they believe it is medically necessary They believe it is both a medical AND social emergency

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