Write a research paper about the main features, strengths, and drawbacks.

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Book: Cybersecurity and cyberwar: What everyone needs to know By: Singer,Friedman
Instructions: After reviewing the readings and videos for this week, choose the one reading or video from the week’s Activities page (SEE LINK) that struck your interest and answer the following in two to four strong paragraphs. Be sure to provide the title of the reading or video.

What are the major points, strengths, and weaknesses?
How could the information be applied in Cyber Strategic Operations

Source: https://www.ted.com/talks/kevin_kelly_on_how_technology_evolves?language=en

5 points – Answered both questions with at least two strong paragraphs, listing the specific reading / video.
3 points – Answered one question with at least two strong paragraphs, listing the specific reading / video. OR answered both questions without listing the specific reading / video/
1 point — Answered but with less than two strong paragraphs.

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