Write a research paper about Julie McPartland’s “The Howl Next Door.”

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Write a research paper about Julie McPartland’s “The Howl Next Door.”or example, in recent years, animals have moved to parks in New York City. Coyotes, like many wild animals, are naturally not close to humans. However, with special cameras watching the parks at night, people watch coyotes run and play. Coyotes do not know the cameras are in the parks, so they act naturally as if they were in their own home

However, not all people’s opinions are positive. Some people fear the idea of having coyotes in parks. However, park rangers have no ideas for eliminating wild coyotes. Quickly, they say there is little reason to fear animals if people allow them to remain wild. People should remember not to feed coyotes. Because coyotes associate people with food, they may begin to lose the fear of humans.
We all know that the squirrel is a small animal that climbs trees and is hairy. Squirrels can be found in many cities. The squirrel’s teeth do not stop growing.
There is an expression “long in the teeth”, which means old. Does this mean that? They use their teeth constantly, grinding them. As omnivores, squirrels like to chew on nuts berries, nuts, and insects. Or sometimes they are chewing’ other things

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