Explain what the hazards are and what has been done to safeguard against injuries or what the sanitary measures are and how they affected sanitary living, and what could be done to resolve the problem.

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Now that you have completed your K12 term project on an environmental or occupational health topic, you need to “report” on your experiences. Since you have researched your topic and considered how to present it to others, you should have gained new insights into the topic – and this is your chance to describe them. Keep in mind, while you are welcome to offer your own reflections on what you have learned, you are expected to construct a factual report on the science surrounding your topic, Thus, you should be providing references as appropriate.
1. Formatting of Report
The formatting requirements for the Report are:
Minimum of 6 pages consisting of:
Title Page
Report: 3 complete pages minimum
Reference Page (Minimum of 3 references from Peer-Reviewed Sources)
Pictures of Presentation
Text is double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font
One-inch margins all around
In-text citations and references following APA format
2. Report Contents
In your Report, you need to provide the background for your topic, as well as presenting some problem-solving measures. You should be descriptive, providing justification for your statements. Do not simply mention, “I learned that occupational hazards are important to safeguard against injuries” or “Gaps found included lack of sanitary measures”; elaborate and explain what the hazards are and what has been done to safeguard against injuries or what the sanitary measures are and how they affected sanitary living, and what could be done to resolve the problem.
In your report, you need to include the following:
The topic on which you presented, and why you chose it. Is it personal to you, or is it something that you feel is important for your future, or for the future of others? How does it relate to EOH? What is the science behind it and supporting it?
Stakeholders (i.e. children, organization, etc.): who are the people who are affected by or involved in the topic. For example, if your topic is handwashing (which it shouldn’t be), your stakeholders might be: the students, their teachers, family and friends, the utilities industry (who provide running water, the people who manufacture and distribute the cleansing solutions, etc. Include an explanation of why they are considered stakeholders. (The point is to get you to consider the broader picture of involvement)
The activity you provided in the presentation: what was the point of the activity and what lesson did it teach? How does it relate to EOH? What made it important for the students to learn?
How can your presentation be improved? What more could you have done? How would this have helped improve the outcome/activity?
From what you learned about your topic, what future directions could be taken to improve the situation – is there a need for more research (what kind of research?) or should new policies be created and if so what should they be?
The five pictures of you presenting your PPT to an audience. This can be on a separate page (i.e., last page after references), but must be submitted as part of the document.
3. Citations and Referencing
You will need to have at least THREE references from Peer-Reviewed Literature. Peer-reviewed literature are articles that are reviewed for content accuracy by specialists in the field, before an editorial board will forward the manuscript to publication. Webpages do NOT have a formal peer-review process and thus will not meet this criterion. You will need to look for scholarly journals in your topic’s field. If you are unsure if a journal uses a peer-review process you can ask a librarian, or you can check Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory (available via remote USF library access) and look if the journal is marked “Referred”.

You may use webpages as references, but no more than 3 from governmental/institutional sources (e.g., CDC, EPA, ASTDR) and no more than 2 from non-governmental sources (e.g., Sierra Club, Teachers’ guides, etc). (In case you are wondering why – we are trying to get you started using actual research articles.) DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS A REFERENCE. Wikipedia is a secondary source – go to the references and look to find what applicable reference you should review. Be aware that the references may be outdated or incorrect due to newer findings.
You must use in-text citations and provide a reference list. You should follow APA formatting for the citations and reference list. DO NOT simply use a URL as a reference; there are APA rules for referencing websites and should be followed.

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