Discuss the purpose of the Cultural Interviews.

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The purpose of the Cultural Interview is for you (the student) to learn about a culture other than yours. When choosing a person to interview and selecting questions to ask the interviewee, KEEP in mind that you are trying to demonstrate you are learning something about this other culture that you do not know. Interview cannot be with a family member or someone from the same culture as you. The interview should include at least 15 questions aimed at exposing the differences between the interviewer’s culture (your culture) and the interviewee’s culture (their culture). A list of possible questions can be found on page 2 of the “book” describing this assignment in Module 2, but you must also include your own questions that are not on the list provided to receive full credit (all possible points). Interviews must be typed. The cultural interviews can be conducted either in person or via the internet.
If the majority of the responses from your interviewee are short sentences, you need to ask probing follow up questions. Your work must contain enough information for me to learn from you.

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