Write a short paper (500-600 words) discussing on Leadership and the role of organizational culture.

Assignment Question

For this learning assignment, you will begin the process of research in ways that directly relate to the final paper. This week you will write on your chosen topic from the list below using one scholarly article that you find in the APUS Library or another academic source, such as Google Scholar. • Leadership and the role of organizational culture FYI: A scholarly article is simply an article that comes from an academic source, such as a business or psychology journal. It’s not the NYT, Washington Post, etc. Note that you may access the APUS Online Library and get help with scholarly research from the school.

In your own words, write a short paper (500-600 words) in APA format that answers the following questions: • Explains what the research is about and who/what it involves • Discuss how the research was conducted • Write about the outcome of the research (what were the results?) • Were there any limitations to the study? • How can you use this study as part of your final research paper?

Your paper should be written in first person. Do not use quotes and fill up your essay with a bunch of text from the study you are exploring.The word minimum for this assignment does not include the title page or reference page.

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