Write a research paper that describes and provides examples of analysing metaphoric critique.

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Write a research paper that describes and provides examples of analysing metaphoric critique.
An introduction that introduces the media, your approach to analysis, why it matters (the media and your approach), and a preview statement (introduction should be roughly one-page in length.
The essay needs to include at least 5 scholarly sources that are rhetorical -focused on rhetoric in horror films ( body horror, slasher horror, duality,etc) . One of those sources will be the chapter 9 from our textbook (Foss, Sonja K. Rhetorical Criticism: Exploration and Practice. Waveland Press, Fifth Edition, 2018) that describes and gives examples of analysis of metaphoric criticisms.
Body of the paper will be the analysis section. This should be the longest section of the paper. Support arguments throughout with direct quotes/rich descriptions of the movie Us by Jordan Peele.
The conclusion will summarize the main findings of your analysis and give us a parting gift of why the analysis contributes to our understanding of horror in society/culture/etc.
Must use 12-point Garamond or Times New Roman. Double-space
Include a “References” page and use APA style for your in-text citations.
Essay proposal that was submitted:
Exploring Duality and social Commentary in “Us”
Jordan Peele’s film “Us” captivates audiences with its layered narrative and rich symbolism. This proposed media analysis aims to explore the use of metaphors in the film, particularly focusing on the theme of duality and its implications for social commentary.
This analysis seeks to unravel the metaphors used in “Us,” emphasizing how elements like the Tethered, symbolism of 11, and recurring motifs contribute to the exploration of duality, societal reflections, and hidden traumas.
Throughout the movie we see people being mutilated by their doublegangers, constantly having to face their own demise, yet in some way, they still live on through their other. As Ronald Allan Cruz explains, “Contemporary horror films play on the fear not of death but of one’s own body and its potential destruction”. This is something Peele incorporates into the film “Us” by having the Wilson family face themselves in a constant battle for survival.
Another motif we see consistently throughout the movie is the use of the number 11. We see it at the beginning when Adaline is picking her price, on the written sign held by a homeless man, and a couple other times. As Marouf Hasian reminds us, “Salient films are more than just artifacts that have been produced for commercial purposes. Those celluloid representations that tap into our individual and collective psyches tell us as much about our present needs and desires”
We can also see the use of nostalgia throughout the film. It constantly reminds us of the 80’s while criticism events that have an impact on today’s society. As explained in the book Nostalgic Senses in Stranger Things by Tiara Good “Nostalgia of the decade and body horror deliver again on being tethers to provide the audience enough familiarity to invest in the story and identify with the characters’ experiences”.
By closely examining the metaphors in “Us,” this analysis aims to uncover the layers of meaning embedded in the film’s narrative.

Through the exploration of duality and symbolism, it seeks to highlight how “Us” serves not only as a gripping horror film but also as a thought-provoking commentary on the complexities of human nature and society.

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