Write a Independent Research Paper for me for a introductory sociology course.

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I want you to write a Independent Research Paper for me for a introductory sociology course. There were three different debate topic choices given to me by my professor that had three differrent corresponding due dates. I chose the third debate topic which is known as “Should We Assist Citizens of Other Countries?”. All of the information needed to be able to succeed in the essay will be attached below in the form of pdfs. Please refer to all of the pdfs as they are necessary to view. Specifically, view the ones titled as “Debate Research Paper Assignment Instructions”, “Debate Research Paper Assignment Template”, and “Debate Research Paper Grading Rubric”. In short, all the pdfs are important to view as they contain useful information!

I have attached all the necessary pdfs below and I will give you the general guidelines below too that would be discussed in detail in the attached pdfs. To make things easier and for your information, I have also attached a pdf titled as “Debate Paper 1 Feedback”, this pdf is beneficial to understand how the debate paper will be graded and what are the actual expectations beyond the grading rubric, so please do view it thoroughly.

Paper 3: Should we assist citizens of other countries?
• In 2020, the Canadian government spent roughly 0.3% of the country’s Gross National Income
(GNI) on assistance to developing nations (Government of Canada, 2023).1 This represents
roughly US$5.1 billion (ibid). Should the amount the government spends stay the same,
increase, or decrease?
o Make two arguments for why Canada’s foreign assistance should increase.
o Make two arguments for why Canada’s foreign assistance should decrease.
o In your judgement paragraph, state the exact percentage of GNI you would have the
government spend if it was up to you to decide the matter.
▪ Please note that this is about providing funds to developing nations, not assisting
people within Canada such as refugees.

*IMPORTANT NOTE*: You can use the statistic mentioned as “In 2020, the canadian government…” as the first line of the essay as it is a great hook and is not general at all. Or, you can even use a more current statistic if available. The attached documents will tell you again and again as well that it is necessary to go staight to th e point and be concise as the world limit is less (3.5 pages max.). So, be sure that you are not making any general statements and are using the word count wisely.

Paper Format & Requirements:
• Assignment MUST be 3.5 pages double-spaced (not including the title page and works cited
o You MUST use 12 point Times New Roman Font and “Normal” or 1 inch margins.2
o *NOTE: we will not read anything after the page limit; it is important to be able to be
concise and respect page limits. No exceptions will be made.
• You MUST have a cover page stating your Title, Name, Course, Professor, citation style used,
and date of submission. This page should also include a sentence stating that you understand
what plagiarism is and have used citations when borrowing the ideas or words of others. And
another sentence acknowledging that the minimum penalty for plagiarism is a grade of 0 on the
assignment. (see Assignment template)
• You MUST use page numbers.
• You MUST include a works cited page.
• You must use the ASA (American Sociological Association) citation style.3
• You MUST use a minimum of EIGHT sources.
o That is, you must look at eight sources that DO NOT INCLUDE my lecture slides, the
assignment instructions, or materials I have assigned to you for AM quizzes (you can
use and cite these, they just don’t count towards the 8 sources required). In other words,
you must find and consider at least eight other valid sources of information that are not
part of this course.
o I will allow any source that has undergone any type of review process. For example,
academic articles, journal articles, books, magazine and/or newspaper articles,
documentaries, videos of news reports, official reports from government organizations,
and other similar sources are all acceptable. Personal blog posts or other unedited
sources of information are not. PLEASE NOTE: You have the responsibility to judge
the validity of your source’s information. There are bad sources that fit within the type I
allow and good sources that do not. Use your judgement and try to make good
decisions. If you have questions about a source, you are ALWAYS welcome at my
office hours. PLEASE NOTE THOUGH: sources you cite MUST make arguments
based on empirical evidence and not based on opinions, values, or other non-empirical
evidence.4 Essentially this means that the source must use data like statistics or have
done an empirical study such as academic journal articles.
o You DO NOT need to cite all 8 sources within the paper text, it is entirely possible to
review sources and not use their ideas. Just remember that if you do use a source’s ideas
then you need to include it as an in-text citation.

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