Write a paper outlining the reasons behind the Salem witch trials for girls.

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Write a paper outlining the reasons behind the Salem witch trials for girls.
Submit a rough draft of your Critical Analysis paper. This rough draft should include the following elements:

Logically constructed thesis statement within the first paragraph
At least three primary sources
At least two secondary sources (not counting your textbook or the lectures)
Your rough draft must be at least three pages in length. Save your paper as a MS Word (.doc or .docx) file. No other formats will be accepted.

Here’s the thesis I wrote. This will be the point of the essay, feel free to reword but keep the idea the same.

Regarding the two historical explanations regarding the Salem witch crisis of 1692, the most convincing explanation is the one that can be connected to those who endured trauma due to the recent events surrounding the New England confederacies. The witch trials served as a “safe space” for survivors of the confederacies to voice their traumatic experiences. The trials also served as a place for those to take out their frustrations by accusing one other.

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