Writing about a book called “Trick mirror” specifically about the chapter “Always be Optimizing”

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(This is the prompt)
We have read extensively about many of the ways that various social phenomena in our society affect us and lead us into a sense of “self-delusion”. In the second essay, you practiced your skills of rhetorical analysis; you will continue to practice those skills through the texts we read and those you find in your research. However, in this essay, you will practice employing rhetorical strategies ethically in the creation of your own factual, definitional, or evaluative argument. (See Chapters 8, 9, 10 in Everything’s An Argument for more details on structuring arguments and on the various types of arguments, respectively.)
Your task will be to use a topic from one pair of readings from Tolentino and the Complimentary Readings to create one of the three forms of argument (Factual, Definition, Evaluation) to discuss the impact of your chosen topic and the media in general on society, culture, and/or individuals. No matter which argument you choose, you should provide at least 2 credible sources to support your argument, and/or provide opposing viewpoints. Here are some specific guidelines concerning each type of argument:

Answer this basic question: is your chosen topic good or bad for society? In your answer, you should seek to establish criteria that serves to identify something as “good” or “bad” within the context of your chosen topic, provide evidence of your chosen topic’s impact, and how that evidence supports your decision. Also, you should address the opposing viewpoint as well.

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