Texas Government Essay: Local Government and Public Finance.

Words: 231
Pages: 1

This is a Investiagtive Summary, about the two topics of local government and public finance. I am looking for a careful description of the issue/concept/topic and what you found interesting or significant to the lives of the citizens of Texas. This will be in MLA format as well as the citations throughout the essay. Please cite with page numbers. A good example is (Casellas & Champagne, et. al. 11). In this Investigative Summary, it is perfectly fine and encouraged to give opinions/solutions, “ah-ha” moments about the importance of each topic, etc. In other words, I want you to demonstrate to me, a) where you got the information or topic precisely from the book, and b) your assessment of how it affected your perspective and learning about the issue/concept/topic. In the files attached below will be screenshots of pages from the textbook where you will get most of your knowledge from and citations.

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