Choose a case that you will analyze from the lens of interprofessional communication and collaboration.

Assignment Question

Choose a case that you will analyze from the lens of interprofessional communication and collaboration. The closer you are to the situation, the more effective your analysis and action plan will be. The purpose of the assignment is to give you the opportunity to apply your learning in a way that will add value to your professional endeavors so it is best to choose a situation within your current organization or an area in which you have influence, if possible. The paper should include the following: Case Overview – one page

• An introduction to the organization or group and the current situation you have identified Analysis – three pages

• An analysis of the issues using one of the conflict analysis tools discussed in class.

• A discussion of the positions, underlying interests, and needs of the parties involved.

• Integrate relevant information from our lectures and readings that inform your understanding of this situation. Apply at least 8 concepts in your discussion of this issue.

• Discussion about the implications of the Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice. Action Plan – two to three pages

• Application of how at least 5 communication and conflict resolution tools shared in this course that can be applied to this case. • Create an action plan for how you will address the situation and consider the Core Competencies and communication and collaboration knowledge and tools you’ve learned in class.

• Use the template shared in class to identify the issue and action to address the issue, person responsible, timeline, and measurable outcome. Conclusion – one page

• What will be different as a result of your analysis and actions?

• What might limit positive resolution of the problem? • What do you expect will be most challenging and what do you think will create early wins? The paper parameters include:

• Maximum Paper Length: 7-8 double spaced pages (maximum), exclusive of the title page, table of contents, appendices, and references.

• Scholarly quality that displays Masters level depth, breadth, organization and writing skills.

• Clearly and thoroughly define and identify appropriate issues and relevant interventions in a systemic perspective.

• Clearly demonstrate your ability to apply the concepts, strategies, and theories learned through course readings and class discussions.

• APA format.

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