Identify important vocabulary to discuss with the children.

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Activity: Continuing your theme from the previous week, select three books related to the theme.
Choose one book that could be read to infants,
Choose one book appropriate for toddlers,
Choose one book that could be used with preschoolers.
Using the book you have selected for preschoolers, plan a read-aloud. This could be a session to read to a group of preschoolers at a childcare program, at a library, or even with a group of children in the backyard.
Identify important vocabulary to discuss with the children.
Explain how you would introduce the book, questions to ask, and comments to make during the reading,
Include questions for discussion after the reading.
The Lesson Plan Rubric will be used.
Children and Books Overview
If you were lucky enough to have many books read to you as a young child, you can be thankful that you grew up during the years when there were many, many books written for young children.
You will learn this week about the history of children’s literature when there were few books for children. Now we are surrounded by many different types of books, all of which you will want to become familiar with and strive to expose your children to all genres.

Child-authored and teacher-authored books are a wonderful addition to a classroom. The slides will give you ideas about how to create books with and for your children.
Reading to children in a manner that effectively promotes literacy skills requires a purposeful selection of books and skillful teaching techniques.
In your activity, you will have the opportunity to make one of those wise book selections and then plan a read-aloud with your book. The slides and videos will give you some ideas for planning your read-aloud.

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