Write a research paper on the topic of Which paediatric nurse has the highest income?

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Write a research paper on the topic of Which paediatric nurse has the highest income?Imagine you are a pediatric nurse. You have been providing care for an infant with failure to thrive and a congenital heart defect. The infant will require multiple types of home medical monitoring equipment and a very expensive surgery to save his life. As the child grows, he will need continued follow-up care and smaller palliative surgeries to ensure his health. The family comes from a strict Amish community in which the elders of the community make all final medical decisions.

The parents want the medical team to save their baby; however, they declined treatment because the Amish elders have decided that the community cannot endure the continued cost associated with prolonged medical care. It is your job to discharge the family home, knowing the child will die at home.

1. What ethical issue is represented in this case study? (5 pts)

2. How does Amish culture shape the parents’ views of death and dying? Cite at least one outside source you utilized to help you understand Amish culture. (10 pts)

3. Why could this be a difficult assignment for the nurse? (10 pts)

please do not use any outside resources

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