Candice Hopkins (Trailblazer of Indigenous History)

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ASSIGNMENT 2: TRAILBLAZERS – Portraits of individuals who have cleared the path for the next generation.

INTENT: It is important to recognize that despite Canada’s ongoing policies of cultural genocide, First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples have continued to resist, survive, thrive, foreground their worldviews and sovereignty, and shape Canadian history. It is important to balance the stories of violence and trauma with stories of recovery, resurgence, creation, innovation, and leadership.

In this assignment, we will learn about First Peoples leaders in the community who may have been the first in their field, fought for Indigenous rights, or human rights, or made significant contributions in a broad spectrum of arenas – ranging from land defending to advocacy, policy change, law, government leadership, science, architecture, visual and performance art, film, journalism, creative writing, cultural and language preservation, and beyond.

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