Girl World Unveiled: Exploring Feminist Themes in Mean Girls Through Sequence Analysis.

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Title – Girl World Unveiled: Exploring Feminist Themes in Mean Girls Through Sequence Analysis

Wright sequence analysis of the sequence in Mean girls where Cady introduces us to “Girl World” in Mean Girls. Follow sequence analysis guide attached

Draw our attention to use of lighting, costume etc to create patterns and repetitions; emphatic camerawork; and editing techniques, all of which require comment. You can provide a brief synopsis of the film and contextualisation, but do not enter into general discussion of the film, its narrative and characters, and the wider historical/aesthetic/ideological concerns it may have

Draw attention to patterns, motifs, contrasts etc by taking a thematic/conceptual approach. Pull out the main ideas, themes, forms, and discuss them in turn. So, begin by situating the character and the context, then explain how this sequence evokes mood/tone, and how the sequence overall fits into the film (what do we know at the end of the sequence that we didn’t go know at the start?) THEN the body of the analysis is close reading of the form of the segment. Lastly, don’t simply finish the analysis, but provide a punchy conclusion, along the lines of what you have demonstrated the segment is doing, and how this advances the film’s account of a particular aspect of girlhood.

If the sequence you are discussing has been commented on by other critics, it is a good idea to acknowledge this, and compare your ideas and thoughts to theirs (it is fine to agree!) If you reference a concept, such as post feminism, or draw our attention to a particular use of location that needs explanation, bring in relevant accounts of this to the analysis. The most impressive sequence analysis that gains the highest mark is the one that synthesises evidence of knowledge of background context with skilful close reading of particular moments in a film

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