What is the minimum expected level of attainment for these indicators?

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provide Mr. Cooney with a recommendation to track organizational performance and
results adapted to Open Sesame always considering ways it might help address the
structural problems identified in your first report:
 What are the important things to track and how do we measure them ?
 What are the specific indicators we can use to track results?
 What is the minimum expected level of attainment for these indicators? Can they be
grouped for ease of understanding?
 How are they to be used for bonus purposes?
 Who is eligible? How do we communicate?
Report format: This report is another opportunity to hone your executive presentation skills.
Please prepare a Power Point Presentation. Imagine you are presenting to Mr. Cooney and the
management committee and you have 10 minutes to do so. Your goal is the obtain approval
on the scorecard, implementation and whatever funding you deem necessary. Try to anticipate
what questions would the execs have?

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