Describe the Sustainable Transportation Operations Plan (STOP) in your research report. The Virginia Port

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Describe the Sustainable Transportation Operations Plan (STOP) in your research report. The Virginia PortDevelop a Sustainable Transportation Operations Plan (STOP) Paper for the Port of Virginia. Start with background information about the organization: throughput data, cargo diversity, economic impact, infrastructure investments, global trade partnerships, environmental initiatives, products and services, markets, and supply chain strategies (e.g., green chain). Also, describe its current freight flows and future freight flows. Next, discuss the supply chain strategy: strengths, weaknesses, metrics of performance, and how the Port of Virginia attacks the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Use three time frames for the STOP: near-term (1-2 years), mid-term (3-5 years), and long-term (6-10 years). The STOP must address environmental sustainability, transportation sustainability, and port operations sustainability. Support the STOP with theories, concepts, and best practices. Questions to address in the STOP:

1. Demographic information about the organization: industry classification; markets, locations, # of employees, products & services, operations, suppliers, and other pertinent information
2. How does this supply chain support the organization’s strategic goals?
3. How does this supply chain currently support the United Nations’ 17 Goals of Sustainable Development?
4. What are the strengths of this supply chain?
5. What are the weaknesses of this supply chain?
6. What metrics does the organization utilize for its supply chain?
7. What transportation improvements has it implemented for operations?
8. What should be the following steps to improve supply chain operations in support of the 17 Goals?
9. Provide details to support your conclusions.

In a separate WORD document, include a detailed outline with a minimum of facts and information from 10 peer-reviewed or other journal sources. Ensure that you properly cite a minimum of 10 sources and include a References page.

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