Explain the textbook concept, define it IN YOUR OWN WORDS, and provide an example from your selected film that illustrates the concept or terminology.

A. This assignment (50 points) is based on your selected memoir. The film option below. While you are not required to watch the film in its entirety, you are expected to provide a varied range of issues and related examples presented throughout the memoir. The submission is filtered through the Turnitin tool which is already embedded in the usual submission process. This tool assess copied text from other sources such as previous student submissions, published text and assignment instructions. 85% of your submission should be in your own words. Note: Pasted content from the assignment instructions and quoted text from the memoir will not be calculated towards the similarity rating. All submissions require responding to all of the prompts in the assignment. The film title option: Moonlight B. All students should respond to each of ALL of the prompts below. Thorough responses require you to REFERENCE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES from your selected film that support / illustrate your responses. Provide as many examples as needed to thoroughly respond to each prompt. Additionally, bear in mind that prompt responses require you to provide some context / background from your selected film in order for your responses to make sense. This means you must explain relevant situations raised in your selected film in order to deepen the meaning of your responses. For Film Viewers: You should provide thorough depictions of specific scenes you are referencing in your prompts. Otherwise, your submission will not be graded. Prompts: Respond to all of the below. 1. Referencing Bronfenbrenner’s theory, describe how the author of your memoir experienced specific systems (such as family norms /expectations, educational norms/expectations, religious norms/expectations, mainstream media standards/expectations and cultural values such as beauty norms, hetero-normativity, cis-gender normativity) in their lifespan. Be sure you name *all* the relevant systems the author interfaced with AND provide specific examples from their memoir that illustrate their experiences with these relevant social institutions. Be sure to include specific examples from the author’s life that illustrate their how the following impacted the author’s development: Extended family / Significant others (mentors, friends, lovers, etc.) and/or their absence Socio-cultural circumstances /events such as racism, sexism, poverty, discrimination, language barriers Community Support/Resources (neighborhood services, governmental aid, etc.) and/or there absence (approx. 500 words minimum; cite specific pages or scenes). 2. (a) Using Erikson’s psychosocial theory / developmental tasks, discuss all of the relevant developmental task(s) the author of your memoir experienced. Be sure you name and explain each of the relevant tasks (according to Erikson/information in our textbook) and apply the tasks to the author’s life experiences. (Bear in mind that not all of Erikson’s tasks/stages will apply to your specific author.) (b) Discuss any / all cognitive and physical challenges that impacted the author’s development. (approx. 500 words minimum; cite specific pages or scenes). 3. Referencing our textbook, discuss how ANY 3 concepts or terminology that unfold in your selected memoir. Please discuss concepts that you have not already address in the above prompt responses. a) Explain the textbook concept, define it IN YOUR OWN WORDS, and provide an example from your selected film that illustrates the concept or terminology. You must (in parenthesis) cite your selected memoir which contain the concept or terminology. Otherwise, your submission will not be graded. Textbook Link: https://pdx.pressbooks.pub/humandevelopment/front-matter/introduction/

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