Compose a paper outlining the steps involved in presenting a PowerPoint presentation for a research project.

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Compose a paper outlining the steps involved in presenting a PowerPoint presentation for a research project.
Substantial research is required for this course to be used in writing a paper and participating in
class. The paper analyzes the potential success of starting or expanding a business in another
country. It includes evaluating that country’s significant cultural and economic factors related to
international business. The completion of the paper is divided into the submission of a country
choice, the final paper (an executive summary), and a narrated PPT (PowerPoint) presentation of
key elements of the paper. The paper and PPT must also be submitted to the specific submission
links for the course in SL&L.
The research paper for this course is an analytical business document. It is written as such, except
for the additional requirement of using APA format (6th edition or 7th). This document would be
called an Executive Summary in the business world, but we will just call it The Paper. APA format
includes requirements related to the overall format of the paper, the requirement to use third person
tense, and correct citation of all sources, including those paraphrased (this is different from MLA!).
Considerations in the Selection of Country
Choose a country to analyze (other than the United States). There are initial considerations about
the choice of country. A high level of interest in a particular country is a good starting point, but
some countries do not support introducing foreign businesses. A notable example is Zimbabwe,
where little Foreign Direct Investment is moving in or out of the country. Another example is North
Korea, where society and economy are generally closed to outsiders. While researching the
country’s culture, other factors may also preclude doing business there. Do not choose a country
where international business is not possible.
Before deciding on the country, some research on the availability of information may help with the
decision. Look at the resources noted elsewhere in this syllabus.
I am the target reader of this document, and I am looking for countries in which to expand my
business. The paper will include your recommendation on whether or not to expand into the country
you investigated, followed by a summarization of the critical factors to consider, and then your
analysis of those factors that resulted in your recommendation. The analysis is important and must
be more than a single sentence for this paper to get an “A.”
When you decide on the country you want to analyze, post your choice to the correct thread in the
discussion board. I reserve the right to reject your choice based on factors related to the country or
too many students choosing the same country. Be sure to check back after you post your selection
to see my feedback on your choice.
Overall Paper Format
The overall format of the document is APA (7th edition, but the 6th will be accepted). There will be
a title page, the body of the paper (the BODY of the paper must be at least FIVE pages) with
section headers for key topics, a reference page, and appendices. The absolute minimum length
will be EIGHT pages: a title page, the body of the paper (five full pages minimum), a reference
page, and an appendix. Please adhere to the requirements.
Overall Outline of Paper:
Title Page-1 page
Executive Summary-5pages
Introductory Statement and Recommendation
Sections of the paper discussing factors under analysis (see discussion below)
Statement of Analysis of Factors (NOT conclusion)
References-1 page
Appendix (map of the country is minimum, can also include charts/graphs, etc.)-1 page
Descriiptions of Assignments
The paper is submitted as different elements sequentially throughout the course: the choice of
country, the final executive summary, and a narrated PPT summarization.
The sources must be acceptable for scholarly work and attribution of sources, so dictionaries (or
Wikis), encyclopedias (online or otherwise), or Google-type search result links (such as “link
source”) are NOT acceptable. Because the paper is an analysis, many sources may be used that
are found on websites, such as the Commerce Dept, State Dept, or CIA, and those sources are
acceptable. See also the Kares Library subject guide (link above).
Correct attribution of sources is essential for academic honesty and the overall quality of writing.
The correct format of citations improves the ability to cite those sources in the paper correctly. Also,
remember there is a difference between paraphrasing (in your own words) and quoting. Every fact
that is not common knowledge must have an in-text citation, even if paraphrasing. This is different
than MLA! Omitting this requirement is considered plagiarism, so a paper with this issue cannot
receive a passing grade. To help with creating the APA format for the paper, including showing how
to cite in-text, a template for the paper-APA 6th edition is included under the Course Instructions
link, and you can use it for your paper by just replacing text with your own, including the names of
the sections. It is correctly formatted overall for margins, pages, running head, and how to format
section headers, and the text in it right now explains APA requirements. You have to change the
section headers to fit your paper. Please take advantage of this resource for you. A subject guide
on the Kares Library website explains APA and has templates.
Research Paper (Executive Summary)-Body of the Paper
The content of the paper will include these major sections:
1) Introductory paragraph(s)
Provide a short background statement about the country, including location, general size, primary
language and significant type of culture (Far East, Middle East, European, etc.), primary currency,
and type of government. Conclude the paragraph with the thesis statement, which is your
recommendation for whether or not I should expand my business into the country. The thesis, or
purpose, statement is a few sentences, written concisely, that state the document’s purpose.
Mentally framing the paper by the creation of a thesis statement helps the writer know what to talk
about and helps the reader know why to read the paper. Many excellent papers are written about
the wrong thesis, likely because the writer did not clearly understand the purpose and target reader.
A clear focus on the thesis also helps research for the paper, evaluating material for what to include
and omit. Read the detailed content requirements for the paper, explained below, to develop the
thesis statement.
2) Country under consideration (Canada)
Note that some discussion questions relate to the research you will do for your paper.
a) Include an introductory discussion of the “friendliness” of the country toward international
business, such as a brief discussion of barriers to foreign ownership due to governmental instability
or legal impediments, issues of corruption and ethics, and the current status of inflation, taxation,
and economic growth.
b) Discuss, in-depth, cultural issues related to the country and the business. Business etiquette in
negotiations, attitudes toward time, verbal and non-verbal language, attitudes toward women,
education, workforce, and other important cultural issues as relevant to business. For example,
manufacturing or hiring many local workers requires cultural workforce considerations and the
availability of workers based on the educational system. In some countries, religion plays a
significant role in every aspect of the culture and must be addressed if that is the case. Include the
cultural issues that are important to the analysis.
3) Analysis of proposal and recommendation
Provide a wrap-up of the economic and cultural factors of the country. Based on the factors
discussed in the paper, make a detailed analysis of the proposal with a specific recommendation as
to whether the proposal should be pursued further. This section is your voice, thoughts, and
understanding of the proposal.
Business Leaders do not want to wade through thick volumes of information to decide. When
choosing what to include in your paper, consider whether the information is essential to me in
deciding to expand into the country you chose (Canada).
PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)
The PPT presentation is a summary of the key points of the paper. Other than the requirements
listed here, you can present the material in any manner you choose. The PPT should NOT have
any new material not discussed in the paper. Each major header of the paper will have a separate
slide. In addition, there needs to be a title slide, a reference slide, and a slide with a map of the
country. The total number of slides will range from 10-15, but more are acceptable if needed.

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