Write a descriptive section comparing the amounts, increases, decreases, (in dollars). Write a descriptive section comparing the Annual Economic Growth per period and among countries.

The objective of this project is that every student applies skills and knowledge learned during this course. In particular, the student will apply Macroeconomics concepts and theories to understand and present possible answers to explain the difference of economic growth and performance among several countries. INSTRUCTIONS I.1 You will perform a comparative economic analysis of the Real GDP per capita behavior for the U.S. and other 3 countries’ economies around the world. The other 3 countries will be previously assigned by your professor (see at the end of the document the list of assigned countries). For that, the Excel File “GDP Per capita PPP base 2017” (Download the Excel File: GDP PERCAPITA PPP BASE 2017.xls ) contains the data about the Real GDP per capita (base=2017) for several countries for the period 1990-2022. By the end of the semester, you will write A 4-to-6-PAGE REPORT about the Economic Performance in the long run for the U.S. Economy and other 3 assigned countries around the world. You must write the report using font size 12 and in a double-spaced format. I.2 In your report you must:

First, present basic geographic and sociodemographic indicators for each country. (Use reliable sources of information from the internet, i.e., www.worldbank.org, www.imf.org, among others.).

Second, built a table with the GDP per capita per country for the period 1990-2022. Write a descriptive section comparing the amounts, increases, decreases, (in dollars).

Third, built a table with the Annual Economic Growth for all counties for the following periods: 1990-2000, 2001-2010 and 2011-2022. Write a descriptive section comparing the Annual Economic Growth per period and among countries.

Fourth, find social and economic indicators for Law Enforcement (corruption, national safety, property rights and contractual rights), Human Capital (level of education, literacy, etc), Physical Capital (Business Investment, infrastructure, etc.), Technology (Innovation, Investment in Research and Development, system of patents, etc.), and Natural Resources (oil reserves, mining, water resources, etc.) for each country.

Fifth, use the information from the Fourth part to find possible reasons to explain the differences of economic performance and economic growth among all countries. You need to use the Economic Growth model covered in Learning Module 06. At the end, there must be a References section for all the sources of data and information in your paper. This section is not counted toward the length of your paper. Use APA citation format.

RECOMMENDED STRUCTURE OF YOUR PAPER Follow the structure for your paper described the INSTRUCTIONS document. WHERE AND WHEN TO SUBMIT YOUR PAPER Attach the Word or PDF file through the Submission section. Do NOT write the assignment in the comments section. Make sure you submit it successfully (you can check under your grades) through the correct assignment page. Do NOT write your essay directly on BB. Do NOT email it to your professor. Your work will be submitted through SafeAssign. SafeAssign checks your work against work available on the Internet as well as a database of student papers. This is plagiarism- detection tool. Violations of 20% or more will result in a zero for the assignment.

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