Write a research paper In Human, Perspective, Fairness, Voice, and Technology

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Your final research paper is due Nov. 28th and it should be a 7 page research paper (six pages of writing and one page with a Works Cited with six to seven sources).

The research paper should analyze course texts in relation to one of the Learning Unit topics, namely: the In/Human, Perspective, Fairness, Voice, and Technology. It should contain an articulate and clear thesis, be justified with a properly formatted MLA style Work Cited, quotations, and full paragraphs.

All essays should include quotes and references to course material, and demonstrate reading comprehension and original thinking on Learning Unit topics.

The thesis statement should be the last sentence of your first paragraph.

The paper should be in MLA style and include five to seven final scholarly sources. Here’s a link to how a paper and Works Cited should look when formatted in MLA style: https://bergen.libguides.com/citationguides/mla Quick Guide: https://bergen.libguides.com/ld.php?content_id=65828823 All references must be from published, credible sources , including author’s first and last name, title of work, place and date of publication, pages, copyright.

References should not be simply URLS, i.e. simple online (URL sources). The final research paper should include my feedback from the draft and incorporate all corrections.

Draft comments on your drafts are provided to help you finalize the research paper and make a good grade. Submit the draft to BOTH turnitin.com and the assignment drop box in rtf, doc, or pdf format.

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