Write a paper explaining this question: Who are you? Include the rhetorical and style strategies for effective writing.

Assignment Question

For this final essay, you have to answer the ultimate question: Who Are You?

Below are some theories about the self: Sigmund Freud believed that the self is created in infancy. Michel Foucault believed that the self is a social construct. Modern science believes that the self is largely created by our genes. Viktor Frankl believed that the self is determined by our power to choose our attitude, even in the face of great suffering. This essay will synthesize the ideas we have explored in the 3 essays: the Narrative Essay explores an important moment in your life to understand your life; the Observational Essay explores the society around you to understand your world; the Rhetorical Essay you learn how language and argumentation work.

In this Research Essay you are going to combine these elements: Explore your personal experiences and influences by considering: Your early childhood experiences and the academic research connected to activities, illness, talents, and disabilities, Your Family dynamics including birth order, divorce, and siblings, with the connected academic research Your teenage years, including influential friends, coaches, books, movies, songs, and academic research such as Erik Erikson’s 8 Stages of man You are welcome to but it is not required to explore your parent’s and grandparent’s history and its effects on your journey You are not required to explore anything that is extremely traumatic or triggering. Explore the society around you Consider the social/historical forces such as the Great Recession, the pandemic, the rise of social media, and the connected academic research Consider your background cultural forces Again you can consider looking into the social/historical forces of your parents and grandparents as well As you write, try to notice patterns in your life to understand and argue for your current sense of self, the self you aspire to be, or the lack thereof. Finally, you must include the rhetorical and style strategies for effective writing.

Requirements: 7-10 pages typed, double-spaced pages following MLA formatting. Minimum of 10 sources 3 of those sources must come from class material 3 sources can come from individual interviews You must use credible peer-reviewed research You must introduce, quote, and analyse those sources in the correct MLA formatting No slang and clichés such as At the end of the day, Everything happens for a reason, etc. Include an MLA-formatted

Works Cited page Your Works Cited page is in addition to your 7-page essay and is not part of the page count.

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