Which of the following most likely reflects a strengths perspective of incorporating client perspectives into the development of policy goals? How can social policy support “aging well” without stigmatizing disability and dependence in later life?

Which of the following most likely reflects a strengths perspective of incorporating client perspectives into the development of policy goals?

a. TANF’s emphasis on promoting two-parent families

b. Programs for people with physical disabilities that focus on facilitating employment by preserving benefit eligibility with increasing levels of earned income

c. TANF’s emphasis on reducing welfare dependency d. A program that aims to improve parenting skills among mothers receiving Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) assistance

QUESTION 2 The Johnson administration’s social policy efforts, including the creation of Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), funding for Community Action Programs, the creation of Head Start, and the establishment of Medicare and Medicaid, was called: a. The New Deal b. The Assault on Inequality c. The Fair Deal d. The Great Society 1 points

QUESTION 3 Affirmative Action is best understood as: reparations paid to African Americans for their ancestors’ slavery reverse discrimination policies and programs designed to compensate for discrimination against marginalized groups quotas that make it easier for women to get jobs than for men 1 points

QUESTION 4 Which of the following is NOT a component of the Child Support Enforcement program? a. establishing paternity and locating noncustodial parents b. establishing child support obligations where they are not already in place c. collecting child support directly for families d. augmenting child support collections up to the federal poverty line 1 points

QUESTION 5 Programs created by residual policies are: a. universal b. institutional c. selective d. long-lasting 1 points

QUESTION 6 Subsequent to the Olmstead decision, states are required to: a. place individuals with disabilities in community settings rather than institutions, whenever possible b. deinstitutionalize all of their residents with disabilities c. modify all public buildings to be wheelchair accessible d. fully fund the waiting lists for Medicaid waiver services for individuals with disabilities 1 points

QUESTION 7 In the current political environment, which of the following is NOT commonly considered as an option for containing the costs of Medicare: a. limiting covered services b. raising the age of eligibility c. shifting costs to older adults d. eliminating the involvement of private managed care companies 1 points

QUESTION 8 Which of the following is an example of policies that create disproportionate impacts of environmental degradation on low-income populations? a. requiring people to pay extra fees if they do not recycle b. alleging that people of color create more environmental devastation than white people c. locating a polluting factory in a disproportionately low-income neighborhood populated by people of color d. funding environmental programs through regressive sales taxes 1 points

QUESTION 9 Which political group believes that government growth threatens individual freedoms? a. neoliberals b. conservatives c. democratic socialists d. libertarians 1 points

QUESTION 10 Which of the following are true statements about social welfare spending in the U.S.? a. spending on social problems has been slashed to reduce deficits b. increases in social program spending have been inadequate to address growing needs c. social program spending is not fairly distributed, so some populations do not receive the help they need; devolution means that individuals in some states receive more generous benefits than in others d. all of the above 1 points

QUESTION 11 How has the history of income support for low-income people, both in the U.S. and in pre-colonial England, affected current programs? In what ways did these historical experiences influence the debate over TANF? For the toolbar, press ALT+F10 (PC) or ALT+FN+F10 (Mac). Paragraph Arial 10pt P 0 WORDSPOWERED BY TINY 3 points

QUESTION 12 How could social work policy practitioners’ understanding of the influence of the political and economic context on social policy help them to build support for social work’s priorities in today’s particular climate?

OPEN ENDED QUESTION 13 How can social policy support “aging well” without stigmatizing disability and dependence in later life?

OPEN ENDED QUESTION 14 Discuss at least three implications of each of the following trends for social work as a profession: increasing population diversity, aging demographics, growing environmental strain.

OPEN ENDED QUESTION 15 With what you understand about the struggles for civil rights for African Americans and other marginalized groups, discuss possible strategies and likely outcomes of the struggle of the LGBTQ+ community for full legal recognition in today’s society. OPEN ENDED

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