Research a specific mental diagnosis that is described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

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Assignment Question

Proofread this essay given the following guidelines: For the final paper assignment, research a specific mental diagnosis that is described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Your paper should address the following components, and use the subheadings below, to ensure your paper covers all of the requirements. Introduction (~ 1 page) – specify the diagnosis that you have chosen and discuss its main features according to the DSM. Indicate prevalence rate, course of illness (e.g., is it lifelong?), and if appropriate, other pertinent information related to diagnostic rates (e.g., is it only diagnosed in children? Are there higher rates among certain groups?) Biopsychosocial Model (~1/2-1 page)– describe the development and maintenance factors for the diagnosis using a biopsychosocial model. Treatment and Prevention (~ 1/2page) – provide a brief summary of evidence-based intervention techniques for this diagnosis. Recent Findings (~2-3 pages) – provide a summary of the recent findings pertaining to your topic, as reflected in a selection of peer-reviewed scholarly articles (see “Sources” below). You do not need to re-state all of the details of the original articles in your description. Rather, highlight the main ideas, breakthroughs, and discoveries that your articles feature in your own words. Please provide enough context such that someone reading your paper does not need to go back to your original source in order to understand its point. You should integrate and synthesize the findings from the articles (e.g., you may wish to describe different ways they approached the topic, whether the results are similar or different, etc.) Future Research (~1/2-1 page) – state areas in which additional research is needed. Where has the literature fallen short in understanding this diagnosis? What gaps remain in the literature? This can include both your ideas for future research, and those referenced in your original articles. If the ideas are coming from the articles, be sure to cite them. Conclusion (~1-2 paragraphs) – include a brief closing summary to pull together the paper. References – be sure to use in-text citations to attribute credit to the sources where you found information. In text citations should correspond to sources listed on the references page. Anything other than common knowledge should be cited. An example of common knowledge is that there are 12 months in a year. An example of something that should be cited is that women tend to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders more than men. Use APA-7 style for in-text citations and reference lists: A guide for formatting references can be found online at: . A guide for in-text citations can be found online at: . Sources: You will need to consult at least 3 peer-reviewed scholarly articles focused on your chosen diagnosis. Since research is always in the process of being updated, the articles should be published within the past 5 years so they reflect the current state of the literature. The DSM-5 must be used and referenced, but it does not count toward the 3 articles for this assignment.

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