What do you think we can learn about self, romantic partners, family and friend communication in watching this film?

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COMM Interpersonal Communication “Fences” Film analysis paper Directions: During reading of textbook “Reflect and Relate-An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication”, fifth edition, by Stephen McCornack and Kelly Morrison, we learned a basic lens through which to analyze interpersonal and family communication. Look over the chapters from textbook, in particular chapters 2, 11, 12 and 13, and then watch the film “Fences”. This movie is readily available through Netflix, Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video and other delivery systems. And then use the questions below, answering them thoroughly as you write the paper. The paper should be: A Word document Single spaced There must be NO spaces between title, paragraphs, Works Cited, or anywhere else. Must be Times New Roman font style Must be 12 pt. size font There must be only one space after periods or other punctuation marks Margins must be only 1 inch on all sides The first line of each paragraph must be only a one half-inch from the left margin (or one “Tab” key, or 5 single spaces) Do not include headers or footers 1 Source to be used is the textbook “Reflect and Relate-An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication” (attached to this order as a PDF) 1 source to be used is the movie “Fences” (the Fences movie cover photo is attached to this order for reference) Works Cited page is not to be included in the 2 page single spaced length, and must be added in addition to, as a third page Must not retype the questions and answer below the questions—paper must be in essay format, answering each question in a paragraph type format that flows as a whole essay the paper must address all of the questions listed below the paper must demonstrate well-developed and original thinking in the application of interpersonal communication course ideas “Fences” movie Main characters (character name and then actor name): Troy Maxson- Denzel Washington Rose Maxson- Viola Davis Jim Bono- Stephen McKinley Cory Maxson- Jovan Adepo Gabriel- Mykelti Williamson Lyons- Russell Hornsby Movie is Rated PG-13 (for mature thematic material, sexual content and language) Introduce the story of the film. How does the film start and what are some of your first impressions of Troy Maxson? How is his relationship with his wife? How is his relationship with his sons? How is his relationship to his friend, Jim? Would you describe his family as traditional in that time period? Why or why not? How does Troy’s relationship change throughout the film? Do they grow closer or more distant? Why or why not? What do you think we can learn about self, romantic partners, family and friend communication in watching this film? Apply at least three course principles/theories in this summary.

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