What person,event,or historical facts are associated with the historical designation?

For this written analysis you need to introduce your historic designation topic. For this assignment you will use research from your assigned parks Canada website and the Canadian Encyclopedia (https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en) website.
Your analysis needs to:

1. Include the title of your historic designation topic, the location if there is a plaque,
and when it became a national historic designation. Explain why you think this topic was selected by Parks Canada for commemoration. If your historic designation topic is broad, describe how you will focus your research paper. For example, if the event is World War Two, you could suggest narrowing down the topic by focusing on women’s roles in World War Two.

2. Describe your historic designation topic in detail.

A. What person,event,or historical facts are associated with the historical

B. What historical time period or year and specific location is relevant to your designation?

C. What is the historical significance of your topic. You should consider whythe topic is important to Canadian history.

• Typed in Times New Roman 12 point font • Double-spaced
• 1 inch margins
• Page numbers on each page
• Title page that includes
• the title of the assignment
• your name
•course name and section
• instructor’s name
• the date
• word count of written text (excludes footnotes/endnotes and bibliography)
• Numbered answers (Foe example, put 1. then answer )
• Chicago Style (notes and bibliography format) footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography.
• Use the spelling/grammar check function on Microsoft Word. To access this function, you need to click “Review” on the toolbar and then “Editor”.

TOPIC: Francis Pegahmagabow National Historic Person (1889-1952)

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